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Sep. 1st, 2006 @ 05:25 pm Schedule
1 AP German- Bruns- Schroeder
2 Gym 1/4/8
3 AP Lit- Barnabas
4 AP Calc- Yagielski
5 Early Release

1 Economics- Downs
2 AP Physics B- Enck- Schroeder
3 Chorale/mathlab
4 Lunch/Studyhall
5 Show Choir
Jun. 8th, 2006 @ 05:00 pm
How I'm feeling:: enviousshit. period.
What I'm listening to:: "Dancing through life"
“One can find women who have never had one love affair, but it is rare indeed to find any who have had only one”
--Francois de la Rochefoucauld
Apr. 24th, 2006 @ 05:48 pm looooong time
How I'm feeling:: blahblah
What I'm listening to:: Shuffle
Ok so Singin in the Rain still blows my mind every time i think about it

We were amazing. Seriously. Perfect. Couldnt have asked for a better group to be part of a show with!!! Stage crew--ya'll were awesome!! pit--soundin awesome every second!! dancers!! Represent ladies!!! every single cover of a slip was perfect!! everyone was so on top of their game every second!! I'm still impressed!!! It wasnt flawless, but it was perfect!! So unbelievably glad i didnt give that up like i almost did. Would have missed the best show ever!!

if you didnt see it... you suck!

mmmmm... well lets see... Singin in the Rain and school basically suck(ed) up my life, so nothings really happened since january!!

Went to look at Lehigh, UPenn and Bucknell over break. LOVED Lehigh!!

i got a 2020 on the sats!!! sweet!!

really excited to get out of here,then i realize--oh wait!! whole year left. nevermind.

don't want the seniors to leave, but i'll be here all summer since i'm not going to gorham. Ya'll are stuck with me:-P

Work's fun!

alright. sadly enough, that's pretty much my life for the last 4 months.
Jan. 3rd, 2006 @ 07:13 pm
How I'm feeling:: anxiousanxious
What I'm listening to:: radio... far away on the deck...
In 2005 I...
[x] broke a promise
[x] made a new best friend
[x] fell in love
[x] fell out of love
[x] did something you swore never to do
[x] lied
[ ] stole
[x] went behind your parents back
[x] cried over a broken heart
[x] dissapointed someone close
[x] hid a secret
[x] pretended to be happy
[ ] got arrested
[x] kissed in the rain
[x] slept under the stars
[ ] kept your new years resolution
[x] forgot your new years resolution
[x] met someone who changed your life
[x] met one of your idols
[x] changed your outlook on life
[x] sat home all day doing nothing
[ ] pretended to be sick
[x] left the country ...if canada counts...
[ ] almost died
[x] given up something important to you
[x] lost something expensive
[x] learned something new about yourself
[x] tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it
[x] made a change in your life
[x] found out who your true friends were
[x] made a total fool of yourself
[x] met great people ...billions...
Nov. 27th, 2005 @ 07:18 pm
How I'm feeling:: crankydont wanna do homework
What I'm listening to:: Savage Garden-- gunning down romance
i love him... where without him? --nowhere

Go on hitch a ride on the back
of a butterfly
There’s no better way to fly
To get to me
I look around at what I got
without you, it ain’t a lot
I got everything, with you, everything

Maybe you could pollinate over the
Golden Gate
Take a left hand turn at the corner
Of Haight
And then a sharp right
At the first street light
And get yourself on a motor bike
And if you think you’ll get stuck in a
traffic jam
That’s fine, send yourself through a telephone line
It doesn’t matter how you get to me
Just get to me

Cause after every day
The wind blows the night time my way
And I imagine that you are
Above me like a star
And you keep on glowing
And you keep on showing me the way
Nov. 16th, 2005 @ 07:55 pm Two days of Cs
How I'm feeling:: lovedloved
What I'm listening to:: My Girl- Temptations





Nov. 15th, 2005 @ 05:26 pm
How I'm feeling:: contemplativecontemplative
What I'm listening to:: Beach Boys... always makes the world better






Nov. 7th, 2005 @ 04:08 pm BBQing HAMLET
How I'm feeling:: worriedtorn
What I'm listening to:: Our Finest Year- Better Than Ezra
WOW. We rock. Too many quotes etc to even try to remember them all. amazing times were had by all.

Just one quote actually:
"I'm glad that I was pretty much content with the whole cast."
Yeah you all are the most hilarious people ever, and whether or not I do the musical::: I love you guys!

The Buffet is Closed

you glutton.
Oct. 27th, 2005 @ 04:57 pm
How I'm feeling:: busybusy
What I'm listening to:: Gretchen Wilson
I really ought to be doing homework... but I forgot to say that I went to my first concert a little while ago... and it was basically the most invigorating, amazing, astounding thing I've ever done.
Oct. 27th, 2005 @ 03:48 pm WOW FREQUENT!!
How I'm feeling:: coldIt's Freezing
What I'm listening to:: Billie Holiday
haha so here I am again. I was supposed to work today, but apparently the schedule changed, so I'm not anymore. Hmm... well I'm officially 7th in the class!!! wow

practice went really well yesterday! I dont think I broke character one time! it was pretty freaking awesome. and all I've got for homework tonight is to review for my soc test tomorrow. my coffee didnt spill today. hmmmm... what else... the show opens in a week from today. i just realized that.

so everyone needs to come:::
Thursday, Nov 3: 7:30
Friday, Nov 4: 7:30
Saturday, Nov 5: 8:00

weeeeeeeeee... nate's coming home in 8 days!!! wow! that's really exciting.

well I need to go do homework... and eat food! gotta bulk up for the show! yay fat chicks!

oh ps: it's getting cold!! and i've got a new coat!! and i'm really excited for skiing

and skiing=winter=feb break=germany!!! omg! YAY!!